Sunday, 12 April 2009

Rodos! Part Eins

Well, I'm back from Rhodes, one of 150 islands in the Dodecanese Island Group in the Mediterrean. Rhodes is part of Greece.

Day 1. Rhodes is 2 hours ahead of GB, so when we arrived it seemed like 2200hr but was infact midnight. Upon arrival at Diagoras Airport, baggage reclaim led us to discover that one of the wheels on a suitcase was missing. Great start. After finding our hire car, we set off south to our hotel along the East Coast. The drive was uneventful, except for a motorbike crashing infront of us into a guardrail, about half a mile up the coast from our Hotel. After leaving the motorbike (riders unharmed) we arrived at Hotel Mitsis Rhodes Village. We dumped our suitcases in our room, and went for dinner. Because many of the other customers checking in that night were on the same flight (and the fact that the arrival was delayed) we were given a small meal at about 0030hr on the Sunday. This was a piece of cheese on a plate. Excellent :D

Day 2. We surfaced at about 1200hr local time, although our body clocks said it was only 1000hr. From what I recall, we explored the hotel a bit and then went down to the beach, where we walked around and I found half a scholop. I can't really remember much about Day 2, I would look back on my camera but it's currently, umm, ahem not working. More on this later. Okay, so at dinner I discovered they had jelly.

To be continued.....

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