Saturday, 28 March 2009


This post was inspired by a friend's post, and after some thinking (yes, that's right) I've decided to write about two of them. Now, there are many people I know. You have people you say "Hey" to or smile at when you see them, then there's friends, and then there are friends.
I'm writing about the two closest to me, and when I think about it although I can find more good friends, these two are the closest to me by a long way.

1. This friend I've known for a few years. And in those few years we've evolved in such a way that we can talk about anything together, and I mean anything. We have our 'trademark' saying, and constantly have other favourite quotes, mainly from Armstrong & Miller. It has been known for us to almost suffocate ourselves in laughter, over a imaginary image of a light bulb falling from the ceiling, and watching jelly babies fly among many other things. It'll be a emotional time come September when we go our separate ways to different colleges, but that doesn't mean they won't still be together, dying from laughter from one of those really bad YouTube videos!

2. Strangely, I've known the name longer than I've known the person. Once I put a name to a face, the smile sapling grew and grew into a vast woodland of friendship, and today I stand closer to them than most other people. Since we got to know each other, we've been to one of the most horrific places on Earth and together I feel we helped one another through the experience, even weeks after. I know they're always there for me, which never fails to motivate me through life, especially through difficult times when everything seems to be against me, except her. We don't need to talk just because, their presence always makes the most overcast sky full of sunshine. Even if we do go separate ways in September, I know it will never be goodbye. x

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